Why are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads? Is probably the most common keyword phrase searched on Google.  It indicates that there are many advertisers and entrepreneurs out there who have found out about SEM Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). However, aren’t sure if and how to work with it? Utilizing Google Ads (or any PPC stage) requires time and money, yet a great many organizations have figured out that it’s time and cash very much spent, on the grounds that Google Ads conveys quantifiable ROI. As per experts, Google Ads pay-per-click advertisement system can work on almost every type of business. So, if you have never used SEM (Google Ads) before or just been introduced to the term, then this article brings something fruitful for you.

Google Ads are Always Better than Facebook Ads

Coming back to the topic. In the undermentioned section, we will discuss some top reasons that will help you to understand the importance of Google Ads over Facebook Ads. Alternatively, you can get in touch with any Brand Marketing Company in Lucknow and take their valuable suggestions.  Read on…

1.     SEM (Google Ads) are Measurable

Contrasted with conventional promoting channels like TV and magazine publicizing, online advertising is profoundly quantifiable, and Google Ads PPC is quite possibly the most quantifiable of online channels; even more popular than Facebook Ads. It’s hard to make careful estimations in SEO in light of the fact that you can’t generally understand what activities prompted expanded or diminished rankings. Social media ads, including Facebook Ads, can be similarly hard to measure. In correlation, Google Ads is more straightforward, giving huge loads of PPC measurements that permit you to see at a basic level what works and what doesn’t. You can before long decide whether your missions are sucking or bringing ROI back.

2.     Google Ads is Scalable

The biggest challenge for any market is to find a scalable lead source. It means it doesn’t need multiple times the push to get multiple times the leads. Google Ads is highly scalable compared to Facebook Ads. And it is the reason some businesses burn through the huge number of dollars a year on Google Ads publicizing. Bear in mind, if you generate a Google Ads campaign at a profitable rate, there’s no need to invest in Facebook Ads. Besides, you can quickly increase the PPC budget.

3.     Google Ads are faster than Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s admit it; if you have just started your business, you might have to wait months after months to see results from SEO. Besides, you might need to hire a search engine optimization company or Website Development Company to build website links and design your website in the best way. On the other hand, Google Ads is an incredible workaround for new organizations since you don’t need to stick around so long to get results. While dealing with your site’s SEO, you can place assets into a Google Ads mission and begin getting impressions and snaps right away. Remember that, SEM Google Ads are much faster than any social media platform, including Facebook Ads.  Also, you can reduce the time to rank your website on the search engine result.

4.     Google Ads are more Flexible

Always remember, Google Ads gives huge loads of alternatives so you can tweak your missions and promotions to your specific necessities, hyper-focusing on the crowds you most need to reach.  Let’s understand with examples, by utilizing Google Ads, you can:
  • Access a large organization of non-search clients on properties like Gmail and YouTube and huge loads of accomplice destinations.
  • Influence the showcase organization, which is incredible for building brand mindfulness and regularly changes over at a lower cost than Google Search.

5. Google Ads bring huge Traffic

As per a study, pay-per-click Google Ads bring more traffic than Facebook Ads. It’s probably the reason that the PPC Google ads are more targeted as well as qualified. Also, that inquiries that outcome in advertisement clicks are significantly more prone to be business in nature, as opposed to Facebook Ads.

6. Google Ads Engage more Customers than Facebook Ads

Google has carried out loads of new promotion designs in recent years, for example, item posting advertisements and in-video advertisements on Facebook, and YouTube. Google is inclined to do this in light of the fact that shinier, additional drawing in advertisements gets more snaps and that implies more income for Google. However, higher clicks like pay-per-click will be best for the advertiser. Henceforth, take advantage of these new extensions as well as ad arrangements and increase your business growth.

7. Google Ads Complements Other Marketing Channels

Always remember, Google Ads is correlative to your other advertising endeavors. Remarketing is an excellent way to utilize Ads in order to reach the consumers who take interest in your product or service. By utilizing Google Ads, you can even encourage your current as well as old clients to visit your site and take action from you. Also, through Google Ads, you can message, email your client, and inform them about your new products or services. Henceforth, when users search about products and services, associated with yours, visitors will see your website on the top of the search result.

8.  Competitors have Already Utilizing SEM Google Ads

Now finally the question arises, every one of your competitors already utilizing Google Ads, Why don’t you? Also as per the Covario report, day by day business owners and entrepreneurs rely upon SEM Google Ads rather than Facebook Ads. Google Ads is likewise presumably simpler to learn on the grounds that there are less conflicting data out there. In case you’re not inside the business, it very well may be hard as an advertiser to realize which sources are straightforward and which are simply selling acknowledged quack remedies. Then again, there is certainly not an entire industry worked around “gaming” Google Ads.


Undoubtedly, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads both are amazing marketing platforms where you can promote your products and services. However, Google Ads are much more advanced than Facebook Ads and contain new features as well. Henceforth, our suggestion is to hire the best branding services in Lucknow and utilize Google Ads to enhance your business profit.    

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