Google Analytics is one of the best free web analytics tools introduced by Google that can help you to analyze the traffic of your website. Even ‘Web Analytics’ seems like quite a little area of the digital appearance – still, the usage of Google Analytics is huge. This is because, nowadays, for most of organizations, a business website acts as a heart to grab all the digital traffic. Source: Google Analytics So, if you are a business practitioner who works in the marketing field like social media ads or search ads, then your customers are most probably going to visit your site to review your products or services. In that case, your business website serves as a central core of your digital presence. It’s the best way that can offer you a great view of the effectiveness of all the operations you are running to sell your services or product online. Google Analytics can help you to track all of the effectiveness of your digital marketing work. It has been used by more than 50 million websites throughout the world. If you are still not utilizing this tool, then you can set it up with your site right now. Or, if you are unaware of how it helps in SEO and lead generation or how to set up Google Analytics, then you can go through the section below.

5 Easy Steps to Set Up Google Analytics

It’s quite easy to perform the setup process of Google Analytics. You can apply the steps given below to do this:
  • First of all, you will have to set up the Google Tag Manager.
  • Then, create an Analytics account on Google.
  • Afterward, open Google Tag Manager and set up an analytics tag with that.
  • Next, set up objectives for your business website.
  • Lastly, link your website with the Search Console of Google.

How Google Analytics Campaign can Help in SEO?

There is a lot of data points available in the Google Analytics tool that provides different data reports for your website. These reports can give you possibilities to enhance the overall performance of your business website.

Top Webpages:

This report can help you by showing which webpage of your website is mostly visited by a visitor. Moreover, it can also tell you how long they stayed on that page. This report not only shows you the mostly hit webpages but will also show you the pages that have the least viewed. So, you can change the least viewed pages of your site to increase the traffic.


Google Analytics report will show which phrases or keywords a customer or visitor has searched in the search engine to reach your site. So, if you see that your company name is searched in different forms, then it could indicate that those customers already know your presence on the Internet. So, you can use those keywords or phrases to enhance your identity on the Internet. Digital Marketing company


This report shows you how a customer becomes aware of your business website. It includes a direct type in the address bar, searching the name of your company in the search engines or social media. So, if you are seeing that a huge amount of customers are trying to access your website directly, then it indicates that you are getting huge amounts of leads on the Internet.

Monitor Goals:

Goal Tracking lets you set up a particular goal like an URL, webpage, or durations and number of webpages a customer will visit. Then, with the use of this tool, you can cross the reference goals and recognize how your SEO campaign is doing overtime easily. In short, the goal tracking section lets you customize the metrics yourself that are important to you.

How Google Analytics can help in Lead Generation?

Google Analytics can help you to increase the qualified leads of your website. Do you want to know how it helps in generating the leads? Then, take a glance at the section specified below:

Assess Web Browser Popularity:

Nowadays, most business sites don’t support old browsers. It completely depends on how and when the sites are designed. It’s essential to know what web browsers customers are using while visiting your website. By knowing which browser is used and the problems connected with it, you will get a few times to fix the defects in that browser you wish to support. This tool helps you to know the below-mentioned info regarding your customers:
  • Operating System of the system
  • Web browser and its version on which they are accessing your website
  • Screen resolution of the device
  • Java or Flash version
All of this information can also help you to improve your SEO strategy.

Understand Visitors Flow:

This report tells you the progress of how a conventional customer visits your website. With this data, you will be able to assess ways to alter the flow for a simpler experience. Moreover, you can also make a suitable plan for future webpages and the potential ways you wish your customers to take. This is necessary as you always wish to ensure that a customer can complete his/her buyer’s journey with ease.

Desktop vs Mobile Users:

Google Analytics tool allows you to know the information like Device Info, average time on the page, average webpage views, and so on. If you are unaware of a device, then this tool will provide you a look at that device so that you will be able to obtain information about that selective device with ease. If your business site is mobile responsive and goes with retina screens, then you are expected to see a greater amount of traffic returning on mobile devices.

Final Thought

That’s it. So, these are the advantages you can get by using the Google Analytics tool. Along with the above benefits, it can also help you in data sampling. So, it’s always better to use this tool to grab a huge amount of traffic in a short time. We hope this guide will help you to enhance the digital presence of your website.    

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