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How do you look for a prospective buyer? Do you market your product on a kiosk in a mall or do you give free samples to attract your consumers? Do you still rely on a traditional mode of lead generation and how are you generating leads for your business?

Well! The broader answer to these questions lies in the fact that some business relies on an advertisement of a product or services to a larger set of audiences, some product-oriented organizations market their product in an open market or some business end up giving a free service to your target audience for the sake of generating a lead. But, with the onset of the digital era of marketing, the traditional mode of lead generation has been taken over by online campaigns which not only emphasize consumer buying behavior online but also evaluate the consumer’s buying capacity.

So, what does it take for the business to convert a visitor into a product/ service buyer? The real think-tank behind the lead generation activity evolves around one component and that is attracting and converting strangers into people who show interest in the company’s product or service. A responsible lead generator illustration includes blog posts about the company, sharing content with your consumer that impacts his/her life, job applications so on, and so forth.

The lead generation process involves:

  1. A visitor discovering about business through marketing channels primarily a blog, website, social media page.
  2. A visitor clicking on CTA – an image, button, tab that motivates/encourages him to take any action on the digital advertisement.
  3. This specific CTA takes visitors to a landing page, which is a landing page designed to capture lead information.

So, if you wish to increase your sales, process-oriented lead generation is the way forward!

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