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Exploring Paradigm Shift in Job Market Post Pandemic: Digital Marketing

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The work-from-home culture post-Covid has largely shifted the focus of marketing to digital platforms. Most established brands that relied on traditional ways to market their products have now switched to the online model and the newer brands are grappling to find their space too.

There has been a major disruption in the job market with the Covid-19 pandemic. With increased lay-offs, shutting of businesses, traditional businesses going for a toss, the consequences have been pretty severe. The pandemic recovery led to a shift in the job scenario with more jobs coming up in the IT sector, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Edtech, and so on. The Internet has been flooded with more and more active users. Ever since the need for trained and skilled “digital marketing” people has been on the rise.

With even the big brands restructuring their marketing strategies, a career in digital marketing is becoming an obvious choice for many. The online revolution has seen a shocking number of Digital Marketing courses mushroom not only in Tier1 but in Tier 2 & 3 cities.

Why the Job Spurt In Digital Marketing

With more and more people losing jobs and businesses during covid, the spurt in digital marketing jobs has come as a blessing to many. It has provided an opportunity for laid-off employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, professionals, etc to hone up their skills and get paid to be in a comfortable job. A digital trainee can now opt for a plethora of courses offered online that are interactive with good learning techniques. The shift in consumer behavior with more online shopping, online education, online healthcare facilities, etc digital marketing courses has become the need of the hour.

Who All Can Take the Course

Most digital marketing courses can be started with a simple bachelor’s degree in any field. One necessarily does not need to have experience in marketing. It is probably a course that is not education or gender-biased. A good digital marketing course prepares a person on a set of tools and marketing strategies that can help a brand grow, promote business and generate sales. It is a non-technical field that can be grasped easily. The new wave of marketing is opening new job avenues for everyone. It is an extremely convenient career option for housewives and moms who do not have to stick to a 9 to 6 job routine. On the other hand, being a digital marketing job gives you the flexibility of working in your comfort zone and time.

What Digital Marketing Courses Offer

Most companies are pinning on the buzzword of “Digital Marketing”. Brands and companies are now on the lookout for a multi-channel online marketing strategy. The ways to reach a consumer are through platforms like social media, contests, games, paid ads, websites, online influencers, etc. On a broader concept, it will include channels like search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, website planning, web analytics, etc. It will help you develop skills and techniques that online marketers use. Most of these courses offer a certification that gives you the authenticity to work for clients and consumers.

Digital Marketing Experts in Demand

With the rise of internet users every second, the online space has been growing at the most rapid scale. Digital marketing experts are in huge demand post the pandemic. However, there’s a differentiable gap in getting the right talent to do the job. There is a sizeable penetration of digital marketing courses in every nook and corner of the country. It is important to choose the right course. You can opt to be a social media marketer, SEO strategist, Content Manager, AI developer, Digital Medial Marketer, Web developer, Google expert, Data analyst so on. One can also choose a combination of more skills or master all of them.

What Lands You with the Perfect Digital Marketing Job

Apart from the plethora of tools and skills discussed earlier, digital marketing is a lot about exploring the internet. Be a curious learner and always think out of the box. No course is picture-perfect, master the skills with your hunger to learn and develop the skill. Apart from applying to various jobs, let people know about your candidature by being active on relevant social media handles. In no time, you’ll find your dream job. Once you’ve mastered the art, you can also take up digital marketing courses for others.

With the spurt in Digital Marketing jobs post the pandemic, it might not be difficult to find one for yourself. However, to land up a job that is critical to your talent and expertise is certainly testing. Study the effects of campaigns created digitally and bring them to practice effectively. This will certainly score you professionally above an amateur.

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The changing nature of the job market, as well as frequent job layoffs and a scarcity of available positions, have made it necessary for working professionals to upskill or cross-skill, or perhaps seek a new career path entirely.

Working professionals who wish to go further up the corporate ladder must be aware of the latest trends in their field, and digital marketing courses are the ideal option for them. Listed below is a short overview of how these courses may be beneficial to work in a professional way.

1. Sales and Marketing Course

About the course

For sales professionals who work in an operational sales position and are responsible for overseeing others and allocating available resources, this certification program is designed just for them. They will either be actual sales managers or aspiring sales professionals in their respective fields.

It is a course that focuses on real-world application and best practices in sales and marketing. The Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP) Certification provides you with the tools you need to be the best in your field while also letting employers know that you have real-world, practical expertise that can be applied immediately to the current work environment, according to the requirements of the certification.

Benefits of it and how can it help 12th class students

Sales professionals who operate in operational sales roles, where they are in charge of managing others and allocating available resources, among other duties, would benefit from this certification program in particular.

  • Diverse Career Choices
  • Experience of Working In Many Fields.
  • Broad Business Education
  • Communication Experience
  • Consumer Psychology Knowledge.

2. Office Automation Course

About the course

In non-scientific words, office automation is concerned with the day-to-day activities and duties associated with an office, as well as the methods of automating and simplifying these activities.

Office automation deals with automating and simplifying these tasks through relevant software. For example – office accounting work can be automated and made easier through relevant software such as – MS Excel, Tally, Google Docs, etc.

Similarly, data entry work can be carried out through word processing software such as MS Word, Rich text editor, or text editor. In short, office automation primarily deals with computer applications and software. The main aim of office automation is to simplify and automate workflow in an office. It can help improve the efficiency of workers in an office.

Benefits of it and how can it help class 12th students

The diploma in the Office Automation program will train you in different areas of office automation and its allied areas. The program will train you in notable areas such as – Operating system, basic computer application, components of a computer system, word processing/data entry, relevant software, Tally, MS Office, internet technology (ISPs, networks, e-mail), etc. After completing this Diploma course, you will be able to carry out regular office work using a computer system which can be very beneficial for freshers.

3. Digital Marketing course

About the course

Nowadays, digital marketing is the most effective and popular method of advertising. Reaching consumers via different digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and others is the goal of digital marketing. The course on digital marketing can help a student to improve oneself in the field and gives them vast opportunities for jobs after class 12th.

Benefits of it and how will it help class 12th students

With the Digital Marketing course material, you will learn how to master the art of online marketing by contacting your target audiences in a more powerful and accurate manner via a variety of digital platforms, impressing and engaging with them in order to convert them into customers. It assists you in the development and management of marketing strategies for your future jobs after class 12th.

  • Extremely Economical
  • Providing real-time client assistance
  • Higher rate of return on investment
  • Improve your customer service connections
  • Results that are measurable and trackable

4. Graphic Designing course

About the course

In graphic design programs, you will study how to communicate ideas and messages visually via the use of pictures, animation, and graphics. In order to be successful in this profession, you will also need to be familiar with electronic media packages and possess marketing abilities.

A graphic designing course is done in such a manner that it familiarizes students with the graphic design business while also emphasizing the fundamental principles of design such as movement and balance as well as rhythm and contrast, as well as typography, among others. Aside from that, applicants are taught how to produce pictures for the web and print, how to edit images, and how to be a leader in the workplace.

Given the current state of digitization, the need for graphic designing jobs has reached an all-time high. Creativity and familiarity with computer-aided design tools are certainly assets in this position. With the increasing digitization of the globe and the ever-expanding worldwide web, there is an insatiable need for Graphic Designers to meet this demand.

Benefits of it and how can it help class 12th students

Every industry, from publishing companies to advertising agencies to public relations businesses, needs the assistance of a graphic design graduate to succeed in their area. Graphic designers are in high demand in almost every industry which is definitely a plus point for class 12th students.

If you’re a highly-skilled professional with a new perspective and a trove of innovative ideas, your pay scale maybe something to lust for. There is a strong need for graphic design graduates that are fresh and creative, and one may even work as a freelancer in this field.

  • You will have the freedom to use your creativity.
  • You will learn new methods and abilities
  • The opportunity to meet new designers.
  • Improve your ability to interact with others.
  • Possibility of collaborating with respectable organizations.
  • Income that is predictable.
  • You have the option to work for yourself.

4. English Speaking course

About the course

The English language is now spoken all over the globe, and it is the first language in the vast majority of places. This is one of the reasons why you should put in the effort to properly learn the language. The ability to communicate effectively in English will open up a plethora of possibilities, whether at work or when traveling. You will get many advantages from course on English Speaking.

Benefits of it and how can it help class 12th Students

The most significant advantage of doing an English Speaking Course is that you will be able to talk more fluently as a result of your efforts. If you wish to converse in virtually any nation in the world for new business opportunities, learning this language will be very beneficial. If you are unable to interact with the people in your surroundings, getting about the nation will be tough. If you often travel for work to various countries or for seeking work opportunities after the 12th, mastering the English language will be very beneficial to you.

All global corporations and internet enterprises want to attract a large number of consumers from all over the globe. This is done in order to establish their brand and make their brand recognized across the globe. Learning English as a second language will enable you to expand your company online and to discover new partners and customers. As part of this course, you will study appropriate business etiquettes that will assist you in writing professional e-mails, contracts, and agreements in the English language.

6. Personality Development Course

About the course

Personality Development Courses are concerned with the improvement of an individual’s communication and interpersonal abilities, among other things. The high demand for Personality Development Courses is a result of the fact that they assist candidates in learning soft skills and techniques that are required to gain a competitive edge during placement and job interviews after class 12th and help them to gain knowledge on how to earn money effectively.

Personality Development courses open career opportunities for students as Personality Trainers, Soft Skills Developers, or better job opportunities at top management companies like BCG, Amazon, Bain & Company, and Bain & Company, among others. After completing Personality Development courses, the average annual income ranges between INR 2,00,000 and INR 4,00,000 per year, depending on the industry.

Benefits of it and how will it help class 12th students

A personality development course will help you to better understand yourself. Starting with a self-awareness module, the course encourages students to get in touch with their inner selves through a variety of exercises. Students not only learn traditional communication skills such as expressing themselves well in person or writing, but they will also learn vital tips and tricks to manage public speaking situations as well as how to understand and control their own body language.

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Entrepreneurship includes imagining, propelling, and running a business plan in order to provide products and services, earn revenue, employment, and development of the business. To set up a lucrative company and make it progress through the ever-changing context of economy and trade, you will require to know a few marketing strategies.

A marketing strategy is the overall approach of a company to how it will meet its craved goals. Therefore, having a compelling marketing strategy is always important and it’s one of the top-most marketing intermediaries you can utilize. There are several types of marketing strategies that can be used to grow your business.

All of the marketing strategies center on digital marketing. The foremost types of digital marketing strategies for today’s digital world are Google Analytics, keyword research, SEO, Google AdWords, etc. The importance of digital marketing is it can help you to monitor your campaigns as well as their working procedures in a hassle-free way.

So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then you can learn internships on digital marketing courses that can help you work on your live projects with ease.


If you haven’t utilized social media in order to promote your product or service, then you are missing a lot of things. Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most used social media that can help you to market your services or products in a very short time.

Each and every day, more than thousands of individuals across smartphones, tablets, desktops, spend a lot of time on Facebook on a regular basis. Facebook marketing is a great platform that provides a wide range of extremely targeted paid ads and organized posts. It lets brands put their services and products in front of an extensive audience.

If you are unaware of how to do these, then you can learn internship courses on Facebook Ads Mastery. It can make you able to work on the live projects of your company without any problems. This training includes creating Facebook ads, graphic designing with tools, creating content for ads, basic prerequisites to run ads, audience persona, keyword planning, generating leads, planning and budget forecast, etc.


Google Maps marketing is another key aspect that needs to pay attention to improve the performance of your business. It’s nothing but utilizing the functionality of Google Maps in order to make a business easier to find on Google. Although it can be very beneficial for big firms, it’s even more requisite for smaller companies.

On another hand, Google My Business is a free tool that lets professionals boost their business profile as well as their business site on Maps and Google. With the help of a Google My Business account, you can easily watch and connect with your clients. Moreover, you can post updates, and also will be able to see what clients are discussing your company on Google.

But, to work on your live projects, you will need to have some basic skills in this tool. For that, you can do internships on the Google My Business course.


Business Analysis is a study system of classifying the requirements of a business and determines solutions to the problems. Solutions often include the development of the software-systems components. It may also include the process of development, organizational evolution, or policy development and strategic planning. Business Analyst or BA persons are responsible to execute this job.

Therefore, it can help you a lot in developing your business and while working on your live projects. You can do internships on Google Analytics courses. Google Analytics includes goal setup, real-time audience overview, active users’ analysis, demographic overview, behavioral analytics, age and gender Profiling, Geo Tracking, and Technology Tracking.


The domain name is the web address of the business site. It’s the name that you type into the web browser in order to find out the site on the internet. Rather than inputting the address of the site, you can type the domain name to get the website of your business. The domain name is an important thing that can help you to grab the attraction of the viewers.

Another essential element is hosting. It’s the process of purchasing or renting space to house a site on the internet. Site content like CSS, HTML, and images has to be launched on the server to be watchable online. Having a hosting server is another essential aspect of a business. Domain name and hosting are also essential for the landing page of your business website.

If you are unaware of the usage of WordPress, unable to create a landing page, then an internship on entrepreneurs can help you to learn all of these. Moreover, it can also help you to work on your live projects.


Keyword Research is the method of finding phrases and words that people utilize in search engines such as YouTube, Bing, and Google. Keyword research influences all the SEO work you perform to enhance the performance of your website. It includes the promotion of content, email outreach, on-page SEO, and finding content topics.

Therefore, keyword analysis is the initial step of any SEO work. It’s like a device for SEO operations – it informs you where to go and whether you are gaining growth or not. As a bonus, researching keywords can help you to know your target audience in a better way.

That’s why keyword research provides your insight into what consumers are seeking. Keyword analysis can also help you to know the exact phrases and words that they utilize. If you are new in this field, then an internship course can help you to work on your live projects.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving both the quality as well as quantity of traffic to the business site through results of the organic search engine. Do you know how it works?

Google (or another search engine you use on your computer) must have a crawler that reaches out and collects data regarding all the content they can get on it. These bring all these 0s and 1s back to the search engine in order to create a sign. This sign is then supplied through an algorithm that attempts to meet all that info with your inquiry.

So, SEO is the must-required thing for a business website. SEO involves a lot of tasks like on-page and off-page SEO, internal linking, external linking, link building, link building, local listings/citations, back linking, speed audit, etc.

So, you can do an internship course to learn SEO in detail. Not only SEO can help you to enhance the performance of your business website – but, it also can help you while working on the live projects of your company.


PPC is a model of internet marketing in which merchants pay a charge every time one of their advertisements is clicked. Usually, it’s a process of getting visits to your business website instead of trying to ‘earn’ those visits naturally.

Search engine promotion is another most prevalent forms of Pay-Per-Click. It lets advertisers bid for advertisements placed in sponsored links of the search engine when someone searches on a keyword that is relevant to their business.

Our professional internships in courses can help you in a lot of things. It includes creating content for ads, audience persona, generating leads, planning and budget forecast, and lead generation with Google Ads. This course can also help you to be capable to work on your live projects without any hassle.

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Why are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads? Is probably the most common keyword phrase searched on Google.  It indicates that there are many advertisers and entrepreneurs out there who have found out about SEM Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). However, aren’t sure if and how to work with it?

Utilizing Google Ads (or any PPC stage) requires time and money, yet a great many organizations have figured out that it’s time and cash very much spent, on the grounds that Google Ads conveys quantifiable ROI. As per experts, Google Ads pay-per-click advertisement system can work on almost every type of business.

So, if you have never used SEM (Google Ads) before or just being introduced to the term, then this article brings something fruitful for you.

Google Ads are Always Better than Facebook Ads

Coming back to the topic. In the undermentioned section, we will discuss some top reasons that will help you to understand the importance of Google Ads over Facebook Ads. Alternatively, you can get in touch with any Brand Marketing Company in Lucknow and take their valuable suggestions.  Read on…

1.     SEM (Google Ads) are Measurable

Contrasted with conventional promoting channels like TV and magazine publicizing, online advertising is profoundly quantifiable, and Google Ads PPC is quite possibly the most quantifiable of online channels; even more popular than Facebook Ads. It’s hard to make careful estimations in SEO in light of the fact that you can’t generally understand what activities prompted expanded or diminished rankings.

Social media ads, including Facebook Ads, can be similarly hard to measure. In correlation, Google Ads is more straightforward, giving huge loads of PPC measurements that permit you to see at a basic level what works and what doesn’t. You can before long decide whether your missions are sucking or bringing ROI back.

2.     Google Ads is Scalable

The biggest challenge for any market is to find a scalable lead source. It means it doesn’t need multiple times the push to get multiple times the leads. Google Ads is highly scalable compared to Facebook Ads. And it is the reason some businesses burn through the huge number of dollars a year on Google Ads publicizing. Bear in mind, if you generate a Google Ads campaign at a profitable rate, there’s no need to invest in Facebook Ads. Besides, you can quickly increase the PPC budget.

3.     Google Ads are faster than Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s admit it; if you have just started your business, you might have to wait months after months to see results from SEO. Besides, you might need to hire a search engine optimization company or Website Development Company to build website links and design your website in the best way.

On the other hand, Google Ads is an incredible workaround for new organizations since you don’t need to stick around so long to get results. While dealing with your site’s SEO, you can place assets into a Google Ads mission and begin getting impressions and snaps right away. Remember that, SEM Google Ads are much faster than any social media platform, including Facebook Ads.  Also, you can reduce the time to rank your website on the search engine result.

4.     Google Ads are more Flexible

Always remember, Google Ads gives huge loads of alternatives so you can tweak your missions and promotions to your specific necessities, hyper-focusing on the crowds you most need to reach.  Let’s understand with examples, by utilizing Google Ads, you can:

  • Access a large organization of non-search clients on properties like Gmail and YouTube and huge loads of accomplice destinations.
  • Influence the showcase organization, which is incredible for building brand mindfulness and regularly changes over at a lower cost than Google Search.

5. Google Ads bring huge Traffic

As per a study, pay-per-click Google Ads bring more traffic than Facebook Ads. It’s probably the reason that the PPC Google ads are more targeted as well as qualified. Also, that inquiries that outcome in advertisement clicks are significantly more prone to be business in nature, as opposed to Facebook Ads.

6. Google Ads Engage more Customers than Facebook Ads

Google has carried out loads of new promotion designs in recent years, for example, item posting advertisements and in-video advertisements on Facebook, and YouTube. Google is inclined to do this in light of the fact that shinier, additional drawing in advertisements gets more snaps and that implies more income for Google. However, higher clicks like pay-per-click will be best for the advertiser. Henceforth, take advantage of these new extensions as well as ad arrangements and increase your business growth.

7. Google Ads Complements Other Marketing Channels

Always remember, Google Ads is correlative to your other advertising endeavors. Remarketing is an excellent way to utilize Ads in order to reach the consumers who take interest in your product or service. By utilizing Google Ads, you can even encourage your current as well as old clients to visit your site and take action from you. Also, through Google Ads, you can message, email your client, and inform them about your new products or services. Henceforth, when users search about products and services, associated with yours, visitors will see your website on the top of the search result.

8.  Competitors have Already Utilizing SEM Google Ads

Now finally the question arises, every one of your competitors already utilizing Google Ads, Why don’t you? Also as per the Covario report, day by day business owners and entrepreneurs rely upon SEM Google Ads rather than Facebook Ads.

Google Ads is likewise presumably simpler to learn on the grounds that there are less conflicting data out there. In case you’re not inside the business, it very well may be hard as an advertiser to realize which sources are straightforward and which are simply selling acknowledged quack remedies. Then again, there is certainly not an entire industry worked around “gaming” Google Ads.


Undoubtedly, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads both are amazing marketing platforms where you can promote your products and services. However, Google Ads are much more advanced than Facebook Ads and contain new features as well. Henceforth, our suggestion is to hire the best branding services in Lucknow and utilize Google Ads to enhance your business profit.

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Why Google My Business is Really Important for Retail Shop Owners?

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Google My Business is nothing but a free local promoting tool that permits retail shop owners and advertisers to oversee how their business is shown on Google Search and Google Maps. It’s anything but a posting on Google that shows your name, address, contact data, website link, and long stretches of activity.

In order to get your GMB posting, you need to check your business information by making your Google My Business profile or asserting a current auto-created profile. Keep in mind, it’s a vital step for any local SEO strategy as it allows customers to find you easily as well as help them to review your website. Henceforth, it’s crucial for any retail shop owner to take assistance from a search engine optimization company in Lucknow and optimize their website.

How does GMB Listing Work?

The initial step is to make a GMB posting by either guaranteeing your page or making another one and afterward checking it. With Google My Business Listing, you will quickly generate a website that will drive more clients to your business. It’s additionally fundamental that you advance your GMB posting by adding CTA, regularly asked Q&A, and pertinent photographs/recordings, and keywords. You can also hire a top Website Development Company in Lucknow like Digifootprints and by reviewing your website, Digifootprints can improve your business listing.

Now, whenever someone searches for services or products, the local search listings will command the result. And, when users search for your services or products near your location, you will see your GMB listings on the search result. The information will show in three different places:

  • Google maps
  • Google’s sidebar
  • Local results

When this happens, your target audience will see your names, contact, address, and other essential information.

Importance of GMB Listing for Retail Shop:

Millions of retail shop owners across the globe use Google My Business Listing to stand out their business from the crowd. Entrepreneurs utilize this platform to reach their potential customers and learn more about them.  The following points will give you a brief idea about why the necessity of Google My Business Listing for retail shops and any other business.

# 1 GMB Listing Increase Your Business Visibility

Probably the greatest advantage of making a Google My Business posting for promoting is that it improves your business’ visibility on the web. At the point when you look for an item or administration on Google, the initial three postings are normally Google Adwords notices, trailed by a guide with the Local 3-pack, then, at that point, the organic result shows up.

Now, what’s the Local 3-pack? It comprises of the best 3 nearby organizations dependent on the searcher’s area. The best part is clients end up at your retail shop’s front without visiting your business site. The once comprehensive 7-pack is currently restricted to just three nearby postings consequently the title 3-pack.

Numerous organizations across the world have been attempting diverse SEO strategies to get into this exceptional class. Yet what most don’t know is that by making a Google My Business posting, you can altogether build your shots at making it onto the rundown.

Having your business show up in the Local 3-pack can help you earn revenue as Google not just shows clients your business on Google Maps, however, it likewise puts it before organic search results.

#2 GMB Listing Share Proper Information with Your Target Audience

As said earlier, through Google My Business Listing, you will quickly share your information, including your name, contact details, and working hours. Apart from this, GMB Listing allows you to share offers, news, announcements, updates, and many others. This information will pop up on the Google Search result Maps and help you reach the potential audience easily.

However, before you post anything, you must consider some vital aspects. For example, Do you plan to increase awareness about a new service or product? Or Do you wish to bring more traffic to your website? Always remember, this information will allow you to customize your post with goals. However, our suggestion is to hire Website Development Services and consult with them.

# 3 GMB Listing Allow You to Resolve Customers Queries

Say a potential lead goes over your business in query items. Yet, he/she needs to provide a modified request. How might he/she connect with you straightforwardly from the search list? Keep in mind, a business possibly flourishes better when it eliminates different contact focuses by diminishing strides to connect.

Here comes Google’s Messaging Features for your rescue. By utilizing this feature, retailer shop owners can quickly resolve all their customer’s queries. You can turn on /off Google’s Messaging Feature. Now when you activate this feature, Visitors will able to see a clickable Message icon when they visit your website. And can start a conversation with you. However, if you are a retail shop owner, we must warn you not to ask for sensitive information, such as login credentials, or credit card. Remember that, if you do so the client might think you are a scammer which will not good for your business.

# 4 Increase Sales & Traffic

As per Google, by having a Google My Business posting, organizations are 70% bound to draw in nearby visits from perusing clients, in this way expanding sales and traffic. The different confirmation steps that each business finishes prior to showing up in nearby ventures make trust among clients.

# 5 Free Google Advertising

Bear in mind, numerous ways you can promote your business to get on the first page of the search engine result. And undoubtedly the best one is to run a Google Ads campaign. However, for that, you need a huge budget. Another best way is to enhance your SEO strategy; but for this, you need to hire a search engine optimization company which is also costly.  Hence what will be the best alternative? Fortunately, you can use Google My Business Listing.

A GMB Listing gives a faster and inexpensive way to reach your target audience and promote your products or services. Besides, generating, claiming as well as verifying your Google My Business Listing doesn’t cost anything and within a flicker of time, you can optimize your website.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I create Google My Business Account?

Go to and sign in or you can download the Google My Business application. After signing in with your existing mail or create a new Google mail account. It would be nice if you sign up with your business email domain. And now add your business name. Choose a business category from the drop-down menu, you must put your location correctly so that people can visit there physically. After this, fill in your contact information and hit click the ‘Finish’ button to complete the whole setup. Hurray!! Your Google My Business account is ready for business.

How to verify Google My Business Account?

Go to Google My Business account and then click the ‘Verify’ button. Make sure you have put your active phone number; Google will send you a verification code, now enter the code and complete verification successfully. You will get the final verification mail to your registered business mail after successful verification.

Is Google My Business Account free?

Google does not charge a single penny for business listings. Google provides its easy-to-use business application completely free of cost.

Bottom Lines

The Google My Business Listing places your business before numerous clients and gives them simple admittance to your contacts, bearing, site, and long periods of activity – all at no expense. Henceforth, we advise you to hire a GMB branding service in Lucknow and increase your business’s overall growth.

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5 Benefits Of Google Adwords to Grow Your Business

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We can understand the benefits Of Google Adwords by taking the example of Procter & Gamble, Meredith Corporation, AMETEK Inc. They are just a few of the many names which are using Google Adwords. The promotion of the brand on a digital platform has become paramount. Since more and more people are now relying on the digital platform for the purchase of products and services, it has become paramount for organizations to spend on Google Adwords to establish maximum reach to the audience. Whether you are running a business chain, or just starting up new, Google Adwords is going to help your business grow in many ways. In this blog, we discuss some of the benefits of Google Adwords.

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Better SEO ranking– The primary objective of using online advertising like Google Adwords is to ensure a better search engine ranking. If you are not able to reach the potential customer, you cannot expect your business to grow, and so here comes the role of propositions like Google Ads, these are the benefits of Google Adwords.

It is undoubtedly a powerful platform that is going to help you instantly catch the attention of the audience. It allows the companies to escalate to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for selected keywords.

These are 5 benefits of using Google Adwords:


Helps in Building Customer Base

Another advantage of using Google Ads is that it allows to build you a large customer base. One of the key concerns for any organization is to have maximum brand awareness, and Google Ads help you achieve the same

Capture Larger Audience

This benefit is an extension of the previous point. Whether you are an established name in the business or a company that is starting new, everyone is going to wrap their head around Google Adwords, Facebook ads, text ads and other aspects of Google’s display network.

Google Ads Work Faster than SEO

If you are looking for quick results and relying on SEO Provisions like PPC are going to give you quick results. Google Adwords Express is the best way to establish an instant reach to the audience. With pay per click, you can expect the results sooner. SEO is undoubtedly a good idea, but when it comes to the turnaround time, then Google Ads are far more effective.

Targeted Approach

One of the focus of any company is to create an ad which reaches the potential customer, only then it is feasible to get the conversion. There are different types of Google campaigns. Based on your requirement, you can choose the specific type and get the right result.

Enhance Probability

The good thing is that using this tool will help you get access to the same pool of customers, thus enhancing the probability of reaching out to the customers.

One such example is that of YouTube advertising which allows you to optimally utilize the video and reach out to maximum customers.

Types of Google Ad Campaigns– Now that you know about the benefits of Google Ads, your next focus should be on the different types of Google Ad campaigns. These are divided into the following subcategories:

Choosing the right type of campaign is the first step to run ads and reach the customer. So, here we are describing the different types of campaign that will help you decide the right type for your business:

  • Search Network– It allows you to show text ads on the SEO pages. It also includes Mobile app installs, Dynamic Search Ads, Mobile app engagement, and Call-only. It is a good bet for new Google Ads users, and features give an extension. It is perfect for any business type and is a budget-friendly ad. This is helpful if you want to advertise on Google Maps, and if you want to pay to be the best on Google.
  • Display Network- The next category is Display Network. It contains millions of websites to show ads. DN gives you the provision of choosing between a Marketing objective and no marketing objective. In case you select a marketing objective, then you will be able to build your campaign based on influence, awareness of actions. Based on the feature that you select, it will help you build the best type of campaign. DN is useful if you wish to generate brand awareness. In case you are looking forward to creating a remarketing strategy, then you must consider DN.
  • Video- Advertising via video is the most effective way to reach out to the maximum customer. This feature allows you to promote ads via mobile app installation and shopping campaigns. These are the best choices if you wish to create promotional content.
  • Shopping- the next campaign is shopping. Well, there is not much feature in this, but if you wish to showcase products from your e-commerce store in Google shopping, then you can set up a Google Merchant centre.
  • Universal apo campaign- With this one app, you can advertise across Display, Search, and Video Networks. If you are looking for app sales, then you must consider this campaign.

Concluding thoughts– this was the basic information about Google Ads and its use cases. If you are running an online business, and are looking for reaping more benefits from your online business, then you need to spend on Google and these are the benefits of Google Adwords.

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What Is Lead Generation And How Lead Generation Plays Important Role In Business Growth

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Lead Generation is an essential key function that has a huge influence on the profitability and growth of a company. If you can execute it properly, it can help you by creating a sustained flow of leads and also ensures steady growth and continuity of your business. A business can collect leads from various channels that include both offline and online. Most of the time, it’s the site of a company that serves as an exemplary platform to get leads.

Nevertheless, you can also get leads through a phone call – even though the word of mouth source from your existing clients. To provide an optimal result from lead generation operations, marketing and sales teams have to work hard toward generating engagement of their target viewers. A prosperous operation can generate sufficient leads so that your potential clients can get more information regarding your company and its products or services.

These leads can then be tempered as well as promoted through the sales and can be ultimately turned into loyal consumers. Through this guide, we are about to discuss how lead generation plays a significant role in business development. So, if you wish to enhance the online presence of your business, then you can have a look at the guide discussed hereunder. Let’s start.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is a vital method in generating leads. It’s because nowadays most of the consumers are tech-savvy and also wish to conduct basic analysis for the services or products they wish to buy. Usually, it starts searching for the products or services on the search engine. It uses the entry of keywords by the consumers to know about the brand or industry that offers the product or service the consumers are looking for.

Even if an organization does have a site – but, it missed to include these keywords on its site, then the keyword may not get indexed by the search engines. As such, the site will not have many visitors – that means, meager leads. Henceforth, Search Engine Optimization becomes an essential method to generate leads as it works on gaining the rank of the site on the results page of the search engine. The higher the rank of a site, the better is its possibilities to attract relevant and bigger traffic.

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing CompanyContent is King for every website. When it comes to generating leads, content always plays an essential role. Systems like content marketing and blogging are some of the typical methods to bring new leads. By presenting the detailed information that the customers are searching for, content developers can get enthusiastic visitors to know what the organization has to contribute. This can also allow your sales team to collect related leads as they would have former knowledge about their services and products.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Digital Marketing CompanyIn the last few years, we have seen a uniform increase in the prevalence of social media channels like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and so on. The growth of social media as a personalized commitment stage has pointed to it being recognized as an exemplary platform to develop business.

Nowadays, most organizations have realized the ability of social media. This is why they have started using it to get popularity in a short time – while also they are utilizing it to identify where their relevant leads are that is extremely important. Moreover, today’s energetic business owners have expertly converted Social Media Marketing from a mere platform that united people online to the most noticeable hub of attaching target groups to the services or products they required.

Lead Management Solution

To increase the capabilities of lead generation, businesses can spend in Lead Management Solution that helps in stimulating top-of-the-funnel activity. The software is extremely beneficial when it comes to engaging new dormant consumers – sustaining them with personalized campaigns and giving ready-to-convert leads to sales.

Repeatedly, when the leads are ready to convert, what matters is relevant context and speed. The lead management resolution can improve sales staff prioritize leads depending on their convertibility. The prioritization benefits sales representatives to concentrate on their reports on leads with the greatest importance and quality while enhancing the conversion ratio.

Target Desired Customers

Digital Marketing CompanyLead generation lets you target your wanted consumers from various demographic locations. Moreover, it also allows you to collect relevant information regarding their requirements, preferences, and prospects. It can help you to identify the value of your services or products to satisfy their desires, requirements, or/and their interests.

However, it’s not only regarding the number of leads you can collect. It not only important to collect leads – but, quality is also an essential thing. For example, a company can give its efforts to attract the appropriate prospects for their organization utilizing a lead generation approach to decide who their qualified visitors are, what type of content they follow, and how you can convert them into your loyal consumers.

Generating Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing CompanyThe awareness of your brand is a model of how considerably your brand is perceived within its defined markets. The more the customers learned regarding your brand the more effective your credit is and the more elevated your profit potential will be. Lead generation can help you by educating customers of your target market regarding the features of your services or products – it creates a chance for ‘word of mouth’.

Lead feeding is the method where you start to make relationships with people in every stage of the journey of the buyers and sales funnel by utilizing the appropriate content. This is an extremely compelling approach as it gives you the chance to develop credibility and trust with your aspired target customers by convincing them that you are a specialist in your recess.

Sum up Things…

That’s it. These are the ways lead generation can help you to have a strong digital presence for your business. Henceforth, you can grab a lot of customers to your business by generating leads for your website. We hope this guide will help you with your business growth.

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Complete Guide On Google Search Console

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If you are aware of the name ‘Webmasters’, then you must have some idea of what the Google Search Console is. Basically, it’s a free service that allows you to know everything regarding your business or personal website and the traffic. It can be utilized to know things like how many visitors are hitting a website and how they are obtaining it, which page of your site is the most popular for them, whether they are opening your website on a computer or mobile device.

Source: Google Search Console

Moreover, it can help you to fix any problem you are facing with your site – you can also submit a sitemap, check, and create a robots.txt file through it. The Google Search Console tool ‘Google Webmaster’ (GWT) has become relevant support for several types of business owners, SEO persons, designers, marketing professionals, and app developers. Here in this guide, we are about to discuss its benefits, how to add and verify a website on it, and how to add an HTML tag in the search console of Google. So, you can go through the guide presented below.

Benefits of Google Search Console

The Search Console of Google benefits a lot to its users. Some of them are:

  • Enhances the visibility of the search engine
  • Keep the virtual image updated and current
  • Keywords can be optimized more precisely that can help you to attract your visitors
  • Protection from cybercriminal
  • Content sets prominently in top results
  • The website becomes better furnished for AMP yielding
  • Makes the backlink analyzing work easier for an SEO person
  • The website becomes faster as well as more receptive for mobile users
  • Google indexing retains speed along with real-time website changes

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Google Search Console – In what way to Add and Verify a Website?

If you are a new user of the search console, then the first thing you will have to do is to add and verify a site before going to do anything else. Whenever you add or verify a website in the Search Console, it immediately confirms Google that you are either the owner of the given site (webmaster) or another approved user.

In short, it offers you all sorts of amazingly detailed data and acumens regarding the performance of a website. Google doesn’t require handing that type of data over to anybody who demands it. It is very easy to add and verify a site on the Search Console, it can be done in no time and as many times as you want. For that, you can have a look at the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, you will have to log into the account of your Search Console.
  • After logging into your account, it will show a box near the red button that prompts ‘Add Property’. Click on it.
  • Next, provide the URL of the website you are trying to add in the Console, and then tap on the ‘Add Property’ button.

It will join your site to the account of the Search Console. So, the next thing you will have to do is to verify the site. There is something different you will have to perform for that. Which procedure will run best for you completely depends on the experience of working with HTML. If you have the authorization to upload files to a site, if you know the size of the site, and whether or not you have other Google schedules connected to the website. It might seem confusing, but, don’t worry – we can help you to do it with ease.

How to Add an HTML Tag?

This is one of the best verification procedures that are perfect for users who are experienced in working with HTML code. For that, first, click on ‘Manage Property’ from the Search Console dashboard. Choose the ‘Manage Property’ option and then tap on the ‘Verify this property’ button.

Note: After doing this, if it doesn’t show the ‘HTML Tag’ option in the ‘Recommended method’ section, then go to the alternate methods’ tab and click on the HTML tag. It will give you the HTML code that is required for verification purposes.

Copy the code and go to the Head section to Paste it. If your website already has a code in that section, then it doesn’t matter where the code is put. But, if it doesn’t have that, then you will have to create this for the purpose of verifying the site.

Afterward, save and publish the latest code and then open the homepage of your website. From there, check the reference code of the website. You will see the verification code under the Head section.

Thereafter, navigate back to Search Console and tap on the ‘Verify’ button. Then, check the code of the website for the verification code. After locating the code, you will see a screen showing that your website is verified.

Final Thought

That’s it. This was a complete guide on Google Search Console that can help you to enhance the ranking of your business website. We hope it will help you to rank your website on the first page of the search engine.

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Best Practices Social Media Marketing, Leveraging For Business

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In a world of increasing competition and rising advertising costs, companies need to look at cheaper advertising options to stay afloat in the market. That’s where social media marketing comes into the picture. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to promote your products/services without putting much pressure on your pocket. Such platforms can be used to connect with your target market to increase your website traffic and sales, ultimately.

But what needs to be done in social media marketing? Well, you have to publish good content on social channels, engage with your followers, run advertisements, and analyze the final results. You can take the help of social media management tools to drive the best results from social channels. But before we proceed with it, let’s take a look at the core of social media marketing.

What are the five pillars of social media marketing?

Digital Marketing companySocial media marketing can’t function without the below-mentioned five core pillars. Let’s understand them in detail.
Strategy– As a new brand in the market, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Therefore, you need to come up with a suitable strategy for your brand. Social media marketing strategy consists of three things-
Your goals– Brand awareness, sales, overall engagement, community, etc. You have to identify one and stick to it.
Social media channels– Start with limited channels and slowly, move on to others. Don’t make the rookie mistake of posting on all channels. You won’t be able to maintain the engagement.
Type of content– Figure out the type of content that will entertain/educate your target market. It can be images, videos, infographics, or articles.
Plan and Publish– Frequency and the right timing are very important in social media marketing. You have to plan your content in advance to get more engagement. For example, posting thrice in a week and only once next week will not do the trick. This will destroy your engagement levels. You have to come up with a month’s long schedule (at least) of planning and content publishing. For this, you can use different publishing tools to make your life a little easier.
Listen to your followers– As you drive more engagement, more followers will connect with your brand. Sometimes, they may even share their likes/dislikes about your brand. And you have to listen to them, always. Why? Your sales depend on it. Nobody likes to buy products/services of a brand that doesn’t listen to their followers’ expectations. Take the example of OnePlus. It is a successful brand because it always listens to its customers.
Focus on analytics– Now and then, you should check the analytics. Take a look at how your content is performing on a social media channel, how many people connect with your brand in a month, what your competitors are doing, etc. After the results are in, customize your strategy accordingly. If your competitor is getting more engagement by posting videos, you can’t afford to depend on images.
Advertise often– If you are lacking in engagement and have a few funds to spare, take the help of social media advertising. Nowadays, social channels like Facebook and Instagram allow their users to place ads on their posts. This helps to reach a wider audience. You can customize these ads based on demographics, behavior, interests, etc. It can prove to be useful in the long run.

What are the best social media platforms in the market?

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In 2021, there are several social media channels and each one of them has its importance in the market. The question (which is the right channel for my brand) depends on a lot of factors like business core, target audience, etc. Let’s take a look at the top four social media platforms used by the companies.
Facebook– Ideally, it was launched to take the place of Orkut and allow users to interact with each other, post images/videos, and share files. With time, it was optimized for brands as well. Now, you can create a page for your brand, customize it according to your needs, and place a Facebook ad strategy to gain visibility. All popular brands like Pepsi, Nike, or Asus have their Facebook pages.
Instagram– It is regarded as the king of social media. Why? In 2021, it has managed to gain maximum visitors among all other social channels. That’s why you will find all types of brands on Instagram. Just like Facebook, you can create your brand page, post content on it to drive engagement.
LinkedIn– For all the recruiting agencies and students out there, LinkedIn is the best social media platform to wish for. You won’t find Nike or Puma doing their promotions on LinkedIn. Why? Because this platform is optimized to meet the needs of students and working professionals. Just create your profile and post content to gain maximum visibility.
Twitter– This platform allows users to tweet about their products/services. A brand can post official tweets about discounts, news, specials, and brand-building to gain engagement. Like every other social platform, Twitter works best with interaction. Always answer your customers’ questions to let them feel an important part of your brand.

Why your business can’t survive without social media marketing?

In 2021, there are more than 3 billion people who are active on social media channels. Instead of noticing Kareena Kapoor on a billboard, people recognize her on social media posts and ultimately, check out the brand she is representing. That’s the power of social media. As compared to traditional advertising methods like TV ads or billboards, you can spend 1/4th of the cost on social media channels and drive maximum engagement out of them.

For example, Noise is a company that manufactures smart watches and audio devices for its customers. The company advertises more on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram instead of putting a huge billboard. Why? Because it understands the importance of social media marketing. And it has done wonders for it till now. Ultimately, you have to advertise to increase your visibility. And a suitable method for it is right in front of you.

How many posts should I upload on social media channels in a week?

There is no right answer to this question. Ideally, you post on social channels because you have quality content. Sometimes, it may take days to come up with such content. That means no posts = less engagement. On the other hand, if you post random content on social media, it can also lead to less engagement. So, what should you do? Every business is different and what works for Puma may not work for Bose. That’s why it’s important to know your audience- what they like when they are active and prepare a social media marketing strategy according to it.


A brand needs maximum visibility it can get to drive sales and interact with its customers. And social media marketing can help with that. That’s why more and more brands are pouring their resources into social media. It will definitely be a game-changer for your overall business.

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The Definitive Guide For Content Writing

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Content writing, Did you know that 2.3 million blog posts go online every day? Such big is the market of content writing. Content is the king. You would have heard this phrase many a time. Although this profile has become more evident in recent times; the content writing started off in the 18th century, when Benjamin Franklin published his research papers. Later, with the evolution of SEO, more and more companies emphasized content and hence the profile of content writers got popularized.

Good content is not only able to disseminate useful information, but it also leads to conversion. In recent years, content writing has emerged as a career option. Pandemic times have been testing ones. While it has posed many challenges, it has also paved the way for a new set of opportunities. Work from home has become a norm, and now people are exploring various other avenues of work, and content writing is one of them.

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Good content plays a key role in informing the client about the brand’s goodness and the various services they provide. One of the ways is by building engaging and gripping content. While many feel content writing is just about high-end vocabulary and some sentences. Well, it’s more than just words. Good content involves some technical aspects.

For content writing, you can be as creative as you want, but when it comes to structuring the content, it must be done in a certain way such that the search engine recognizes it and helps in ranking high. In this blog, we will explain in detail content writing, how you can opt for this as a career option, and make yourself self-dependent or atamnirbhar.

Content writing

It is the process of planning, structuring, writing, editing, and formatting for digital marketing purposes. There are various types of content writing, like blogs, scriptwriting, articles, and podcasts. Before heading to delve deeper into how to craft compelling content, let’s have a recapitulation of the types of content writing profiles:

Digital Marketing company
Page descriptions

Media newsletters

Keynote Video copy

Landing titles

White papers

Web scripts

Email pages

YouTube video posts

Podcast speeches

Social media posts

These are the various profiles on which a content writer needs to work. While education and degree in this field give you an upper edge, I think a writer who can pour the words in the mold as desired by the reader is the best. Having said that, there are a specific set of tools that you can stick to ensure that your content is a masterpiece and flawless.

Some best practices of content writing:

Every good content writer must follow certain best practices that will make them a good and effective content writer. When we talk about content writing, it’s not just penning down words; rather, it creates a story that conveys the right information, and hence, structuring the work is paramount. The following best practices are a must for any content writer:

1.         Understand the topic – Before you hit your keyboard and start shooting the words out, it’s important that you must have a fair understanding of the topic. Knowledge about what you need to write forms the base of the content. You can start to search about it and reading about it. Spend some time to pen down certain key pointers that you want your article to linger around. Facts and figures are the essence of the content, and they are going to keep the reader engaged. Hence you must emphasize collecting certain facts about a particular topic.

2.         Make your content easy – I know that you would have come across various content that is filled with complex words and sentences. It may look alluring as a writer for you to frame such sentences, but the fact is that your content should be comprehendible by a general reader. Hence, you must focus on keeping the sentence structure simple, word easier. Adopting a conversational style is the best. It makes the audience feel connected to the content. However, when you are writing about technical niches or formal content, then the language changes. Hence you must thoroughly assess the topic.

3.         Infographics are a must – Pictures are more powerful than words. In times like today, when the internet is flooded with so much to read, how can you make your content stand out? Well, adding some pictures and videos is the best. You can also add some infographics. Sprinkle some screenshots, facts, and figures to make the content rich with information. These will hold the audience to your content, and thus make it more engaging.

4.         Proofread – No matter how good a writer you are, mistakes are natural. These can be as small as missing a comma, or as big as a blunder in grammar. What I mean to say here is that proofreading the content is paramount. There are various online tools, but again they work on the algorithm, and hence, there can be flaws. Therefore, it’s always good to run through the content at least once. You can also rely on online tools for adding more proficiency to it.

Digital Marketing company
Now, let’s focus on some technical aspects of content writing:

  • Keep the headlines short, simple, and catchy. Try to keep it between 14-17 words. Remember, this is the first thing your reader will see, and hence it must be engaging.
  • Don’t make the introductory paragraph lengthy. Keep it between 4-8 lines.
  • Add facts and figures in the first paragraph. It is going to create a magnetic effect on the reader.
  • Read, read and read, that’s the only way your content is going to get stronger

Wrapping it up– This was some of the necessary information about content writing. It is a great career option. With more and more companies eyeing at making a strong digital presence, adding good content and updating it from time to time is the best way to create brand awareness. Make sure that you improvise the writing style as per the demand of the reader. While you can be creative with your writing style, the technical aspect must not wither. These will be the defining parameters of compelling content.

It can be a lucrative and great career option if pursued in the right direction. With this piece of information, you can surely start as a good content writer.

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