A good online presence is crucial in business marketing, and you have to monitor your keyword ranking as well. It will help you to search trends to know what is the requirement of your target market. 

Keyword Tracking Tools help you improve your chances of getting a target audience online. We at Digifootprints, the best SEO Company in Lucknow suggest improvements are made and marketing strategies to be focused on.

As we are the best SEO service providers in Lucknow, we monitor a lot of keywords that describe the business and product. It results in integrating them into your posts and updating the pages that rank properly.

We are the best SEO Company in Lucknow and will turn your website that stands out on the SERP for the keywords tracked. We keep an eye on trending products and services and use different keyword-tracking tools to accelerate your business growth.

Doing it correctly can upgrade your site ranking and migrate the site from the lower-ranking pages to the front pages on Google.

As the best SEO Company, we use proper keyword tracking software that allows you to spend less time trying to find the right keyword and spend more time trying to get proper site optimization.

Using proper keyword-tracking software is the best option as well.

Keyword Tracking Software

DYNO Software

It is the only visual site generator and a good keyword-tracking tool combined. Moreover, it is also the best available tool. After you create a sitemap on the site, the keyword tracker will also pull up keywords used on your site’s Meta description. There is an option for tracking down different keyword phrases in the search engine or other locations.

This app is also integrated with search engine analytics, with data on your internal links and site audits. You can access them easily, and you can single out the best-ranking pages, which is critical data for planning your future posts and editing other content when you want to redesign the website.

You can also monitor your competition, letting you keep up with the latest trends and gain the upper hand over your competition. DYNO will give you regular notifications on the site’s performance, with different comments and everyday keyword ranking.

DYNO is also available on an annual or monthly basis – with different plans beginning at about 40 dollars or more for a package of keyword phrases for an unlimited number of users, which will depend on the number of site numbers and keywords you can use to monitor.

Keyword Tracking


SEO Profiler

This Keyword tracking software is another best choice. Although it does not have as many options as the first, it is easy to use. It smoothly integrates its Analytics to function properly in other ways.

The SEO profiler creates two other different tools, and it is given priority compared to the rest of the list. 

SEO profilers will give you constant updates on their large competitors and the different keywords used to get good rankings to put them in your posts.

Moreover, you will also get a long list of LSI keywords and other keywords to help your site rank better. There might be a large potential that you can get if you use it correctly. 

Knowing the right keywords to plug into your website will get you an edge over your competition, and you will also have the right chance to make your site popular with the right keywords. When the site ranks higher, these keywords will increase your site traffic.

Semrush Keyword Tool

Semrush is another great tool for keyword tracking, as it doesn’t make your site indifferent from other competitive sites. While these things are important, it is why it is on number three of our software list. The first two help you track down your competition, but in a manner that gives you different suggestions for site improvement.

With that said, SEMrush is easy to use. With the SEMrush guru plan, you can access full features like the SEO writing assistant, which will let you plug the keywords into the site properly to optimize your content for the search engine properly. 

The SEMrush also ranks the page’s result if you provide the right URL. Once the right results are in, you can also compare these results to the sites by picking the keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

What has been launched in the Google Keyword Tool and the traffic software, the google keyword planner, will help you research the right keywords and keyword trends.

If you prepare the right content, you can also use this software to search for the right keywords that suit your business properly with the right keywords or phrases that relate to the website. 

The results will not just give you a long list of suggested keywords and phrases, and it will also give you information on how well it ranks on your website.

Although the Google Keyword planner will focus on on-site planning, you can also check the site’s ranking. It is similar to SEMrush, but it has its own quality.


Many critics also recommend SEMrush, but for backlinks and entrepreneur bloggers, Ahrefs is a better option. It can get a lot of keywords for you at a fair price, and it is good for blog startups; you can use Ahrefs and other keyword-tracking tools to get optimum results. You can see the external links your competition uses and provide blog articles on dead links as new backlinks for your blog traffic.

Final Verdict

Now that you know the advantages of different keyword tracking software, it is time to get into business and start investing in proper SEO tools to get a high rank for your website! Start your business with the right SEO keyword-tracking tool today!

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